Planning is my jam. I basically love everything associated with planners, planning and plans… of all kinds. Especially if we’re talking pretty and practical. For the past couple of years, I’ve been on the bullet journal train. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have recently adopted a whole planning system, but my BuJo is still part of that system.

Because, it always comes down to this: pre-made planners just aren’t flexible enough. My fall life is different from my spring life is WAY different from my home-with-kids-all-summer life. And projects pop up at any time of year. I need extra pages to plan Christmas… and birthday parties… and events! Super structure doesn’t work in my life. I crave flexibility. I need flexibility. Flexibility is my jam. I know I just said planning is my jam. So, I guess what I really mean to say is, flexible planning is my jam. Yesssssssss.

Hence my BuJo. I know. It’s annoying that I am using bullet journal slang. But I’m just ridiculously excited about it. I drank the Kool-Aid and now I want everyone to drink the Kool-Aid with me. It’s delicious. And functional. And so pretty! And a creative outlet! And, did I mention… flexible!

I’m just gonna go ahead and about share some other people’s great ideas. I love looking at other people’s great ideas. In fact, I love it SO much that I lost half a day when I realized that #plannersgonnaplan was trending on Instagram.  Hi. I’m Alice. Pretty planners on Instagram = my Rabbit Hole. Because I’m looking out for you, I put this list together so you can avoid that Rabbit Hole altogether while still getting a little #planninginspiration.

You’re welcome 🙂


BUJO Set-up Guide for 2019

Erin over at Sidereal Life put together this awesome set-up guide for 2019. I love her color blocking weekly spread. I used this spread for a few months until my life became so overwhelming that I had to switch to a pre-printed weekly calendar.  But I do LOVE the way this allows you to visualize your week and color code it.

Are you ready for 2019?  Find out just how to plan out your 2019 bullet journal set up for your BEST year yet! Find different bullet journal pages for each of your resolutions that will help you visualize your goals and stay focused in 2019!

Bullet Journal Meal Planning

This meal planning system from Sublime Reflection is one of my favorite things about using a bullet journal. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I love how much easier it makes meal planning and grocery list making. Why is making a grocery list so difficult? I hate being in the middle of dinner prep and realizing I don’t have one of the ingredients I need. Spoiler alert – it’s cilantro. We cannot keep enough fresh cilantro in this house. All of the boys in my life love it. I mean, obviously, I love it too.

This meal planning template in my Bullet Journal makes planning so easy!

Reading Challenges and Book Trackers

I love me a reading challenge. It combines a whole bunch of my favorite things. Books? Check. Lists? Check. Pretty designs? Check. Competition? Check. I’m in. I’ve been trying to add all the books I read to my Goodreads account, but I still love having a physical list. I also love pretty things. Are you sensing a trend? This one is mine…


In other news, if you are looking for a fun book challenge, check out the PopSugar Challenge and Modern Mrs. Darcy. I usually create some sort of combination of the two and then add a few randoms in for good measure.

Trackers for All the Things

Did you know that tracking can turn aspirational goals into habit? Tracking your progress is critical to success because it allows you to be intentional about the habits you would like to create, recognize and visualize progress, celebrate successes and stay on-track, even when you have a set-back (because we ALL have set-backs). I totally didn’t believe this until I started doing it. And I started reading about it. You can read more about habits here and here.  I know when I am tracking my water intake, I drink double what I do when I’m not. That’s crazy. But it’s true. Erin at The Petite Planner recently shared this awesome list of 100 trackers. Don’t they just make you want to color in the boxes? I love this one from @my_blue_sky_design  on Instagram.

Habit tracking in your bullet journal

If you’re totally sold on this whole Bullet Journal thing now after seeing all these beauties, check out my post Setting Up a BuJo to Work FOR You.

Have fun BuJo’ing!

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